About A&C

Active & Connected Family Therapy is a team of clinical, licensed professionals who work with individuals, couples and families to optimize mental wellness and strengthen connections.

We have been an integral part of the Central Virginia community for almost a decade. The rebrand from Virginia Family Therapy to Active & Connected Family Therapy will mean that we’re not limited by our name. Our core value is to help our clients thrive, and our goal is to expand our reach to positively impact more communities across the country, and beyond!

Our goal is to grow into, connect with and positively impact communities across the country through our therapy and assessment services. We also want the option to maintain the connections with our clients as they relocate to other areas. It takes time and commitment to build relationships and trust, and we want to make sure those are preserved wherever our clients are physically located.

It is important that our name not limit us in the communities and clients we serve. With Active & Connected Family Therapy, our options are endless!

Mission & Vision

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