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Endometriosis Impacts 10% of Folks with Uteruses: An Interview with Meg Allan Cole

Endometriosis Impacts 10% of Folks with Uteruses: An Interview with Meg Allan Cole

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Today’s guest is an incredible social justice activist and filmmaker and, yes, another one of Amanda’s brilliant friends. In her short documentary ‘Blood & Guts: Exposing Endo’, Meg Allan Cole sheds light on a chronic illness called Endometriosis, which impacts one out of every ten folks with a uterus (girl or boy!). Despite its frequency, 64% of doctors admit they know very little about it, meaning we all need to learn more!

“When I called the insurance company and I couldn’t work
and I couldn’t get out of bed, they said: no,
Endometriosis is just a bad period.” 
– Meg Allan Cole

In today’s episode, Meg Allan Cole highlights signs and symptoms of Endo so that we all, especially listening parents, can have more awareness and help identify it in their kids. She also shares her difficult, yet not uncommon, search for care while doctors kept telling her it was all in her head. Meg’s Endo community has been essential for her mental health, and she invited anyone listening to join her and her Endo Mission!

More about Meg Allan Cole:

With a professional background in content creation, video production, and hosting DIY home design series, Meg Allan Cole was used to picking up her camera and capturing projects or memorable moments. While trying to keep up with her creative dream job, her body started to break down and she was experiencing excruciating pain, brain fog, memory loss, and a lack of guidance and answers. In an attempt to remember these moments, she decided to capture herself for once and this was the start of Blood & Guts: Exposing Endo. In this short documentary, she sheds light on the dark and dangerous world that patients with Endo are forced to live in and a broken medical system that gaslights and traumatizes people already in crisis.

In this episode we cover:

  • The basics on Endometriosis: symptoms, the diagnostic and treatment process, genetics, etc.
  • The mental health component of Endometriosis
  • The lagging medical system and the importance of finding a specialist doctor
  • The importance of community and support
  • Meg Allan’s short documentary ‘Blood & Guts: Exposing Endo’

Resources and links mentioned in this episode

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  • Watch Blood & Guts: Exposing Endo here
  • Find Meg Allan’s list of resources here
  • Get in contact with Meg on her website, Instagram, or Facebook page 
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