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When I think about NYE, the first thing that comes to mind is attempting to make fun plans that almost always backfire on me. 

Who wants to wait for a 9 pm reservation at a restaurant then wander around in the cold in order to find the perfect spot to ring in the new year?  

It has become clear to me that sitting at home in my pj’s with my family and a good glass of cava have taken major precedence over a night out on the town.  Still…the end scene of When Harry Met Sally always seems to float around in my brain during this time of year, which leads me to many of those cringe-worthy scenes in the film.  Poor Harry (and Sally) constantly riddled with anxiety over life and relationships has gently forced me to think about what some of you might be struggling with this year.

Even though a night out is not even a real possibility (thanks, Covid curfew!), you might be fast-forwarding a bit to the night of or the day after…or let’s be honest: the entire next year.  

Let’s do 2020 over again…said no one ever.

But the simple fact is that we all experienced trauma in small (or big) doses over the past 12 months.  That said, how can we move forward in a positive way while holding true to realistic expectations, and that is where this story begins:

What does it look like to set expectations for an uncertain year/future/time?

Well, if you’ve ever had a baby, started a new job, or embarked on a new adventure, it pretty much looks like that.  That is to say, forging onward into the unknown calls for setting zero expectations.  You know something is going to inevitably happen, you just don’t know what.  In this case, what is best is remaining open to any and all possibilities.  We all know by now that uncertainty is a constant in this thing we call life.  My best advice and approach is to the year ahead with an open mind.  Remain gracious in your failures (and the failures of those around you) and maintain pride in your accomplishments.  Modeling this behavior for others will prove to be especially important!

Also, because I can: here are some great photos from one of the best movies everrrrr. You’re welcome. 

Have a safe and happy end of 2020 celebration!