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Learn to Live with Meaning in COVID Times

By October 14, 2020No Comments

COVID, quarantine, 2020…when I hear those words I feel a weight on my chest. Sometimes, it feels like our lives are being held hostage. While we all try and navigate these unprecedented times, a lot of us are struggling with feelings of fear, anxiety, and loneliness. While there are many different viewpoints and opinions on many issues that COVID has raised, we can all agree that there has been a drastic change of pace and parts of daily life have been extremely difficult.

Fortunately, the therapy that worked before COVID still works, and there is an exciting new group enrolling now! The group is called “Learn to Live with Meaning in COVID Times”. It utilizes a model of therapy that helps us learn how to be open to experiencing all the good and bad of life, connect with the moment, and commit to live with purpose, meaning, and vitality. The usual benefits of being in a group also apply, as you will find commonality and camaraderie through suffering, healing, and growing with others.

This group will be held virtually and is open to young and middle-aged adults, ages 25-55. Since it is virtual, it is open to anyone in Virginia. So, if you have any friends who may be interested in joining us, pass on the information to them, as well!

When: Starts 10/28; Wednesdays from 3:30 – 4:30
Members: Ages 25-50
Minimum/Maximum a Group: 3/12
Cost: $350 (Total due before group begins)
Duration: 8 weeks (plus initial 15 minute screening); 50 mins a session
Type: Closed
Via telehealth; phone if technical difficulties (eventually face to face)

Give us a call at (434) 202-4080 to set up a quick screening interview and to answer any questions you may have.

For a video that briefly explains the model for Living with Meaning in COVID Times refer to: