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What Do I Need to Know About Men’s Mental Health? With Jason Frishman, Psy.D. [Podcast Episode]

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When talking about raising boys, we have to look at and think about where men are right now and what men’s mental health looks like. We need this insight to know what we need to keep doing and where we can shift a little bit.

I’m so happy to have Jason Frishman back on the show today to continue the conversation on men’s mental health. One important concept Jason introduces is ‘the man box’, a way of describing the traits and components we expect from men in our culture. Some examples of the seven different traits are self-sufficient, tough, strong, and aggressive, following rigid gender roles, and focussed on control and dominance. All men in our culture fall into this man box one way or another.

“At the core of much of men’s health or mental difficulties, is disconnection.”
– Jason Frishman

But research shows that these traits are directly related to isolation, loneliness, depression, suicidality, anger, aggression and even being bullied or being a bully yourself. If we want a different life for our boys, we need change.

In this episode on men’s mental health, we cover:

  • The man box: the traits and components we expect of men in our culture;
  • The messages we (as a culture) send to men;
  • What men need from connections;
  • How wives can support their husbands in creating meaningful, regular, nourishing connections;
  • And much more

Have a listen to what Jason has to say about men’s mental health and raising boys so we can start making a change together! You can find our podcast Active and Connected Families wherever you listen to your podcasts, or easily click the links below to listen:

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More about Jason Frishman, Psy.D.

Jason has been working for over 20 years to support individuals, groups, families, organizations and businesses. Whether as a psychotherapist, workshop facilitator, speaker, or narrative consultant, His message rings consistently clear: Our lives are adventurous and we can author our own adventure stories!

A series of meaningful coincidences and choices led Jason to meet his wife and finally move to Vermont, two lifelong dreams! In Vermont, he worked at the state’s largest hospital, opened a local food company, mastered the art of bulk soup production, studied a Brazilian martial art, began teaching traditional food preservation classes, had two beautiful sons, began to use storytelling for change and joined a cooperative psychotherapy practice in downtown Burlington.

Jason is excited to bring over two decades of work in offices, institutions, kitchens,
farmer’s markets, woodlots and boardrooms to wild new venues. His offerings include individual and group online coaching programs for good dads, workshops and trainings.

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