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Mental Health and Heart Check-In

By February 13, 2021No Comments

Valentine’s Day isn’t everyone’s favorite Hallmark holiday…

Singles unable to mingle due to Covid-19 might be feeling extra low this week, but V-Day can be hard on couples and kids, too! Check-in with your heart this February 14th. 


Valentine’s Day isn’t everyone’s favorite Hallmark holiday… My apologies to its die-hard fans, but it definitely isn’t mine. Conversation Hearts have always seemed like the perfect analogy for V-Day: looks cute, tastes bad. Slogging through the mid-winter blues of February during a pandemic leaves most of us running on empty, not ready for romancing. In fact, the day can feel like one big emotional burden.

For unhappy singles, Valentine’s Day is salt in the wound. Curse you, Cupid! If this is you, I’m prescribing a dance-in-your-underpants party, “bad” TV, and comfort food. (Actually, I’m prescribing this for everyone, ever). In all seriousness, Valentine’s Day is known to trigger feelings of depression and loneliness. If you are struggling with heartbreak, sadness, or isolation, show up on February 14th with a game-plan: Schedule a face-time or an evening in with a friend—anything that reminds you that you are loved, worthy, and part of a community.  

Singles unable to mingle due to Covid-19 might be feeling extra low this week, but Valentine’s Day can also be hard on couples. If you and your partner are going through a rough patch, this day may serve as a painful reminder of what’s gone wrong. Many of us make the mistake of comparing our relationship to this or that couple on our Facebook wall. You know, the ones who dressed up, remembered the flowers, and spent the evening making homemade gnocchi together by candlelight. My advice to you and your partner: talk about it. What are your expectations for this holiday? Is it important to you? Is it causing you stress, unnecessary pressure, or sadness? Don’t risk being disappointed or disappointing your partner. Start a conversation instead. 

Valentine’s day is tough on kids, too. I, for one, still remember a certain candy-gram from a certain classmate that got lost in the mail my freshman year of high school. Check-in with your kid, show them a little extra lovin’, and remind them that romantic interest does not determine their worth.  

Romantic love is often presented as the be-all and end-all of life. This simply isn’t true. Expanding the parameters of Valentine’s Day to include any and every kind of love alleviates the pressure. I am wishing you all a happy and healthy day of love—take care!