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Nurturing Fathers Group Will Open Soon!

By October 13, 2020No Comments


    How individuals parent is determined by a number of factors including, both, innate and learned behaviors. Personality plays a role as do cultural influences and skills that are learned growing up. Unfortunately, groups devoted to educating fathers how to build lasting bonds with their children are not nearly as prevalent as they are for mothers.  Yet research tells us that healthy father-figures are important for the well-being of children.

​   Nurturing Father’s Group was developed to fill this gap and provide support and education for fathers.  Research shows that fathers that completed the program feel an overall sense of empowerment and confidence in understanding their child’s needs, learn alternative and effective methods of discipline, and feel greater empathy towards their children.


​   Virginia Family Therapy is fortunate to have a trained Nurturing Father’s Group facilitator in our area, Leon Harris, LCSW who is starting an online group beginning October 13.  Some of the topics to be covered include:

Why nurturing of yourself and your children is vital 
Fathering sons / Fathering daughters
Discipline techniques
How to resolve conflict
How to work as a team with your spouse/partner/co-parent
Parenting / work balance
Most effective ways to communicate with children

The details are below.  Sign up now for your spot:

Tuesdays 4:30-7pm beginning in November

13 weeks

Call Virginia Family Therapy to sign up (434 202 4080)

If you were unable to sign up for this series, email us and let us know of your interest for having a future group provided at: 

Scholarships available