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Summer is coming! Parenting Strategies for Success!

By May 31, 2023June 2nd, 2023No Comments

Almost every conversation I’ve had with friends and adult clients this month has included some variation of, “We’re really just putting one foot in front of the other right now.” We all know this time of year for parents (and kids!) is super intense. Probably most of us are looking forward to the morning we wake up without having to pack a lunch, double-check homework assignments, bust up a bickering session while not spilling our coffee, or really just giving everyone a few seconds of “Do whatever you want!”


And yet, we are all well aware that when the long summer days arrive, despite all the fun, there is a whole bag of things that can feel overwhelming. From second-guessing how best to manage screen-time to wondering if your teen is really all right as they head into the next big year of high school – we’ve been there! 

As we’ve mentioned before, there are some go-to reminders that support almost any parenting situation. As parents, our goal is to offer unconditional love and support while also cultivating resilience, instilling a sense of accomplishment, and encouraging independence. But – we know it isn’t always easy to know how to get there. During the summer months, it can feel even more difficult. As routines and relationships get disrupted – it’s prime time for challenging behaviors and hard-to-handle emotions to bubble to the surface.


We want to remind you that we know you have everything you need to successfully navigate the summer months, but we also know you like some concrete ideas and clear insights you can pull from on the days where the sno-cone collides with the pavement one too many times. 


That’s why Active & Connected Family Therapy is super excited to be hosting a free Summer Parenting Series in June! 

These Zoom sessions will cover some great summer-specific parenting topics that we know you’re gonna’ love – because they’re the things we’re hearing our clients bring up in sessions each week!

Go here to learn more about the topics and to register to attend! We look forward to seeing you there.