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Neuropsychological & Psychoeducational Assessment

A&C Family Therapy offers comprehensive psychological evaluations (assessments) for children, adults, and older adults. These include assessments for autism, learning disorders, ADHD, academic achievement concerns, anxiety, mood disorders, personality functioning, long COVID symptoms, and developmental delays.  We also provide neuropsychological evaluations as well as psychoeducational testing. 

Assessments for children and college students

For children, assessments can be helpful in communicating a student’s strengths and weaknesses to other providers and professionals in the student’s life.  They are frequently required to identify ADHD and learning disabilities for Individualized Education Plans (often conducted by the schools), 504s, and/or accommodations for the SAT’s or colleges. They can also be used as additional information for physicians when managing an individual’s medication.

Admissions testing

Admissions testing is often requested by private schools and consists of an IQ measure and sometimes educational or achievement testing in reading, written language, and math. Appointment times typically range from one to four hours.

Assessments for adults and older adults

We provide a highly detailed “road map” of the client and how they interact with themselves, their world, and others.  The assessment can identify areas of strength and weakness, supported diagnoses, and recommendations for treatment.

Evaluators and Locations

Megan Cheatham, Psy.D. provides assessments face-to-face in Charlottesville, Crozet, Lynchburg, Falls Church, Richmond, and Virginia Beach.  She offers assessments via telemed across the state of Virginia.

5 Step Assessment Process 

Step 1: Interview

The evaluator meets with the client and, if under eighteen, their parent(s). The goal of this session is to develop a strong understanding of the purpose of the assessment, or the question(s) we would like to answer, as well as gather relevant history.  This session is scheduled for two hours.

 Step 2: Assessment

The evaluator will conduct various assessments to learn more about you or your child.  These include paper and pencil activities, questionnaires, listening activities, and some work on the computer. The exact tools are chosen based on the questions that the team is hoping to answer as well as the age of the client. This session is approximately four to six hours. 

The evaluator also collects relevant information from important people in the client's life, including parents, teachers, and therapists.  This is sometimes through talking or with a formal questionnaire about the client.

Step 3: Understanding Results

Once all of the information has been collected and the tests have been scored, the evaluator integrates and interprets the data collected on the individual.  With the original question in mind, the evaluator writes a report that includes history, test results, strengths and weaknesses, clinical impressions, and recommendations for future treatment, lifestyle changes, and/or academic accommodations.

Step 4: Feedback

The evaluator meets with the client and/or parents in order to discuss the results of the evaluation as well as any recommendations. This is typically scheduled two weeks after the testing date and lasts one hour.

Step 5: Final Report

Following feedback, edits are made to the report. Within a week, a final, official report is provided that can be shared with schools, doctor's, and other treatment providers. The entire process takes approximately one month, depending on scheduling.

Assessment Cost

Active & Connected Family Therapy does not accept insurance and is considered an out-of-network provider. However, you will be provided with a superbill (specific insurance documentation) that you can submit to your insurance company. More info on insurance reimbursement here. 

Assessments range from $2000-$5000 depending on the referral question and the complexity of the evaluation. When you call to schedule, our testing team will quickly gather information from you and then provide you with a price.  

You can schedule a 15-minute consultation with our evaluation team by emailing hello@activeconnected.com or calling (434) 202 4080.

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