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A&C specializes in therapy for high-achieving athletes of all ages, including age group, high school, college, and professional. We believe athletes thrive when they are seen as whole people who experience athlete specific challenges. As such, we integrate working through typical developmental stressors (ie., the transition to college) with sports psychology strategies around managing pressure, balancing goals, and performing on the big stage.

Our team of therapists understand the importance of sports in our athletes’ lives. As high-achieving athletes ourselves, competing in various sports such as swimming, softball, and wrestling, we know the hurdles our clients’ face as people and competitors. We are fortunate to be able to walk alongside them as they reach for their personal and athletic goals.

Contact our Client Care Team (434) 202-4080 to be matched with a therapist that specializes working with athletes.

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Our Specialists in this field

Dylan Abrams, PhD

Matthew Browning, LPC

Matthew Dean, MA

Addison Halverson, MFT, MS

Jodi Harris, LCSW

Sarah Lotchin, LCSW

Oak Reed, Ph.D.

Amanda Sovik-Johnston, Ph.D.