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Marriage and Couples counseling is a type of therapy that helps those in intimate partnerships to recognize and resolve conflicts to improve their relationship.

Fighting, disagreements about raising children, managing money, infidelity or substance abuse might be driving a wedge in between you and your partner.

Our clinicians focus on empowering both partners to improve communication skills, intimacy, connection, and sharing of emotional work that is needed to ensure a healthy relationship. Your clinician will not be a referee, but rather an ally to you and your partner, creating an environment of healing and respect for you and your partner and help you have that initial conversation.

A&C clinicians bring their own specialties, experience, and perspectives into their work. You can learn more about each couples therapist by reading their bios below.

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Our Specialists in this field

Marisa Beck, MS

Matthew Browning, LPC

Addison Halverson, MFT, MS

Alexandria Schenk, LPC

Brittany Sullivan, MA