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Marriage and Couples counseling is a type of therapy that helps those in intimate partnerships to recognize and resolve conflicts to improve their relationship. If you are seeking us out for this service you may identify with feeling isolated and lonely or scared, or that your partner doesn’t understand you. Fighting, disagreements about raising children, managing money, infidelity or substance abuse might be driving a wedge in between you and your partner. You have come to the right place, and you have made the first step in valuing your relationship. It takes a tremendous amount of courage.

Our clinicians focus on empowering both partners to improve communication skills, intimacy, connection, and sharing of emotional work that is needed to ensure a healthy relationship. Your clinician will not be a referee, but rather an ally to you and your partner. It is not uncommon for one partner to be the one to suggest counseling. Broaching the request for couples therapy with a partner can feel very difficult. In some instances, only one partner may be willing to attend therapy. That is absolutely okay, and individual relationship work can often benefit you within your relationship.

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Our Specialists in this field

Lily Baker, MSW

Marisa Beck, MS

Kim Bloom, MDiv., MA

Liz Bordogna, MA

Nikki Bowles, LCSW

Matthew Browning, LPC

Deborah Bukolt, LCSW

James Czywczynski, LPC

Addison Halverson, MFT, MS

Jodi Harris, LCSW

Hillary Johns-Parson, LCSW

Randall Nolt, MSW

Oak Reed, Ph.D.

Alexandria Schenk, LPC

Brittany Sullivan, MA

Kathleen Van Allen, LPC

Chloe Watkins, MSW Intern

Constance Zubairu-Kanu, LMSW