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Active and Connected Family Therapy (A&C) specializes in therapy for Veterans and their families.  A&C offers face-to-face therapy and teletherapy for individuals, families, couples, and children across Virginia.

Our therapists include VA retirees, children and partners of veterans, and VA-trained psychologists, many who have firsthand knowledge of the stressors and strengths that can naturally arise during  active duty and thereafter.

In addition, A&C specializes in mental health for children, college students, individuals, and couples, including struggles such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, relationship difficulties, and adjusting to new life stressors. Through our specific Veteran services as well as our broad family services, we aim to provide the most exceptional care to those that have served our country.

We understand that sometimes cost can prevent seeking therapy. Which is why we are working with the Virginia Department of Veterans Services (DVS) to help coordinate assistance with appointments.

Within the Virginia Department of Veterans Services (DVS), the Virginia Veteran & Family Support Program (VVFS) is code mandated to reduce or eliminate barriers to behavioral health and rehabilitative care within the service member, veteran and family (SMVF) population.  While eligibility and coverage is assessed on a case by case basis, please consider connecting with DVS if you are experiencing financial barriers to treatment.

Website: https://www.dvs.virginia.gov/

Agency Ph Number: (804) 786-0286 (Phone)

The process for establishing coverage is simple and A&C takes on the majority of the coordination.

    1. Contact A&C or use our Therapist Search Tool to find the best therapist for you or your family member and schedule and appointment for 2-3 weeks out.  Tell the Client Care Coordinator that you would like to apply for assistance through DVS.
  • A&C will provide you with a Release of Information so that we can coordinate with the Virginia Veteran and Family Support Team.
  • The Virginia Department of Veteran Services will reach out to the client to coordinate completion of necessary paperwork and determine final approval.
  • The Virginia Department of Veteran Services will send A&C a contract and therapy can begin under the program.

We hope that you will contact us with questions.  Jenn Bedlion, our Client Care Coordinator, is a military spouse, understands the process, knows our therapists, and loves being able to help our community. You can ask for her directly at (434) 202 4080 or email her at ac@activeconnected.com.


How do I know if my family or I are eligible?

To check eligibility please contact the Virginia Department of Veterans Services at Website: https://www.dvs.virginia.gov/

Agency Ph Number: (804) 786-0286 (Phone)

How much can it cost?

Sessions are covered by the program at the Tricare reimbursable rate.  Clients may submit the portion of their claim that is not covered by the program (e.g. If the current Tricare rate is $120 and the client is seeing a clinician whose rate is $135/session, they can submit to their insurance for reimbursement for the remaining $15).

Insurance reimbursement is not guaranteed, and clients are ultimately responsible for billing outside of the VA reimbursement rate. Prospective clients are encouraged to speak with their insurance directly to determine reimbursement rates.

Are families or children of Veterans covered? 

Yes, family members (children, dependents, spouses) of veterans are covered at the same rates as outlined in question 1.

Is Active Duty included?

Unfortunately, our program does not pay for active duty service members.

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Our Specialists in this field

Dylan Abrams, PhD

Kord Basnight, M.Ed. Military, Veterans, & Juris Doctorate

Megan Cheatham, Psy.D

James Czywczynski, LPC

Abbey McLean, MD, Psychiatrist

Oak Reed, Ph.D.

Justin Smith, DO, Psychiatrist

Brittany Sullivan, MA

Alexandra Werntz, Ph.D